One of the greatest achievements of European integration is the Single Market and its free movement of goods. Thanks to harmonised European standards, the construction industry is able to sell its products everywhere in Europe. As the legal basis for marketing construction products, the Construction Products Regulation needs to keep up with constantly changing technology. In addition to creating a functioning Single Market for construction products while ensuring building structure safety, we need to overcome the standstill in standardisation. Greater attention should also be paid to subjects such as health, climate change mitigation, sustainability and the circular economy. The European Green Deal has already set out a number of goals. The conference aims at bringing together various stakeholders, including representatives from European institutions, policymakers, public administration officials from EU member states, experts from the research community and representatives from the private sector.

Due to coronavirus constraints, the conference will be held as an online conference with enhanced feedback options. This will enable you to follow the event via livestream and to submit questions at the same time. After your registration you will receive a confirmation email with further details and all access information.

The conference will be translated into German, English and French.

In order to ensure that your interests are met in a targeted manner during the lectures, we invite you to submit your questions (in English please) to the speakers in advance through the „Q&A/Discussion forum“ on this website.

Download the programme (PDF) here:

Day 1 (Wednesday, 18 November 2020) – Technical workshops

The first day of the conference consists of workshops at technical level.

09:15 – 17:00 (CET)

09:15      Welcoming Address

09:30      Workshop 1 – “What makes a good standard – legal, practical and procedural aspects

11:30      Lunch break

12:30      Workshop 2 – „From sick to healthy buildings: Way forward with emissions into indoor air under the CPR

14:30      Break

14:45      Workshop 3 – “Construction product information – the basis for circularity and sustainability of buildings

16:45      Summary 

Day 2 (Friday, 20 November 2020) – High-level conference

The second day of the conference consists of high-level speeches and panel discussions.

09:30 – 15:10 (CET)

09:30       Welcoming Address

09:40       “Way forward Construction Products Regulation

                Keynote and Discussion

10:50       Break

11:00      “The future of standardisation of construction products

                Impulse Statements and Panel Discussion

12:30      Lunch break

13:30      “The European Green Deal and its impact on the construction and building sector

                Impulse Statements and Panel Discussion

14:50      Summary, Conclusions and Outlook